100x-Physical plastic CVV for sale!!!(MasterCard. Visa, American Express)81% Success rate!

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May 5, 2020
Hello YKTVTrapo here, I have 11(updated 05/05/20) orders of 100x CVV cards left, these are hacked physical cards that will be shipped anywhere in the USA only!(NO EXCEPTIONS). A list containing all the information needed to use the cards (PINS, ADDRESS, and ZIP) will be included in the parcel sent along with the physical cards themselves. Each card is loaded with anywhere from ($200-$1,500).Now accepting orders as of (05/05/20).
Please PM/ or post contact information on thread, you can also find me on wickr- anoalyis , if you have any questions you may just post a comment here.
all orders are strictly shipped via USPS Priority(2-5 Business days)
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