201 trick for ATMS does it work????

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Jul 21, 2020
So how can i use a 201 card in atm machines? It is actually pretty simple. You get blanks with the emv chip and then you destroy the emv chip (read more before you take your fork and start banging it down in the emv chip)

So how do you do this? Well pretty simple. Take a 12 volt adapter and cut the wire. should look like this

now plug the adapter in and keep it away from anything flamable so you don't start a fire, and for gods sake don't touch the part where you cut the cable. Shits dangerous so be careful
you should scratch around the sides where the connectors are, you should also scratch over the middle. you should see some sparks. just keep scratching until it almost doesn't spark anymore. it might not spark on first contact, just keep on trying until it happens

this will make the chip malfunction which means that the card reader in the atm will see the chip as malfunctional and will read the magnetic stripe instead (30000 iq u know)
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