How to crack accounts for ANY website and make some good cash!

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Mar 8, 2020
'Sup cuties, I'm gonna teach you today how to crack accounts for ANY website. Sit back and read carefully

If you are an experienced cracker, this guide probably ain't gonna be useful to you.

There's nothing easy that comes without spending any money. You can crack accounts all by yourself, but that would require knowledge about how to create dorks to get good databases via SQL, and we ain't got time for that. Don't worry, you'll get your money back in 3 days tops

"What do I need to start cracking stuff master?"
An HQ combolist from any Nulled provider ($5-$20)
2. A proxylist provider (which can be free or paid, more details later)
3. A cracker (Which can be paid or free, more details later)
4. A checker (Which can be free or paid, more details later)
5. Proper english lmao

1. Combolists
There are quite a few options when it comes to getting a good combolist for getting the type of accounts you want. For example, combolist can be created for free via scraping + using a password list, but you ain't gonna get nothing good from that.

This is the core part of getting good accounts for any site. The amounts and quality of the accounts you are gonna get from a list is directly proportional to the quality of the combolist you have. HQ Combos = HQ Accounts, you know how it goes

Combolist comes in two formats: USER
ASS. They can be mixed (non-targeted, can get decent amount of hits on all sites) or specific (for gaming, porn, shopping, etc). Depending on the site you want to crack, you need to get a certain format of combolists; if you wanna crack Fortnite or Netflix accounts, you gotta look for EMAIL
ASS accounts. If you wanna crack League of Legends accounts, USER
ASS is your combolist buddy.
There are certain sites which you can crack with either USER
ASS combolists, such as Steam, uPlay or Spotify.

"How do I get HQ combolists daddy?"
Don't worry mate, is too easy. Head over to Marketplace, Combos and Configs subforum and look for a combolist provider that sells lists according to your needs. There are some great providers out there, and you'd be contributing to their work .
Just make sure you choose the right format and the right type of combolists. If you wanna crack Fortnite accounts, you ain't gonna buy an USER
ASS combolist targetted for shopping. Or maybe you do, but you should go see a doctor if that's the case 'cuz I think you got some issues.

I recommend you to grab some combolists for free from our beautiful Nulled forum, just for testing purposes and to give it some use as you read this guide. These combos are public and what you are gonna get are Medium Quality accounts, that you and some other random people already got, since it's a public combolists. Public combolists are not suitable if you are looking to crack accounts and sell them afterwards, I'm guessing you know why

You can get free combolists to test during this guide here: or you can go to my threads and grab some that I posted a few days ago, which are HQ as fuck cuz I'm a beast.

2. Proxylists
You can't crack accounts without a proxylist. A proxylist is used alongside with a checker to check for multiple accounts simultaneously. Without proxies, it would take ages to crack an account and your IP will get banned

"How can I get sum good af proxylists?"
As I said, there are free ways and paid ways.

As for the free ways, which is what you should look for to test for this guide, you can scrap some proxylists using programs that are available around Nulled forums (Like GatherProxy, uProxy, etc.) or you can grab some private ones that people post everytime in the forums from here:
The quality of the proxies that you are gon get off of this methods are medium to low, since scraped and/or public proxies are dead or banned soon, since a lot of people are using them besides you. You should aim to start cracking with free proxies until you get the hang of it, just the same as for paid combolists.

As for the paid ways, there are some people that offer services from which you can get HQ proxies that comes great when you need to crack accounts 24/7. Look over Nulled to find some of these people or do some Google search, proxylists are easy to find, and they are not really expensive lol

3. Cracker
As well as proxies and combos, there are free and paid crackers. They all have advantages and disadvantages, which you should look up by yourself since I'm not gonna discredit some other's work. A cracker is what you use once you have a combolist and proxies, to check for hits in a specific site.

List of free, well known, all around good crackers:
• STORM (Needs a config)
• SentryMBA (Needs a config)

List of paid crackers:
• Snipr (Comes with configs for a lot of sites | $20)
• Blackbullet (Comes with configs for a lot of sites | $50)
• TCM Checker (specific for Fortnite | Free if you hit my dms )

"What is a config?"
A config is a file required for Sentry and STORM which contains the necessary information to check for hits on a specific site. I'll link a config pack for STORM down below.

Personally I use STORM because it checks really fast and it's easy to use, and sometimes Snipr since it contains a lot of configs for whenever I need accounts from a specific site. You should choose whichever fits best for you, depending on what are you aiming to crack. Go over their threads and see what they offer, they may be suitable for you.

Zip file with a lot of working STORM configs:!uZF0RSRZ!1ZXaDa7Gy...ODpq70HGHVo

Now onto cracking bois (It's too damn easy)

This time I'm gonna crack LoL accounts. The procedure is the same for any site, so you are good to go

1. Open up STORM. Click on Load and choose the config of the site you want to crack accounts for.

2. Go over to Combos & Proxies and load your combos and proxies. As for proxies, load them in the proper type. (If you got Socks4 proxies, load them on Socks4 you dummy)

3. Go over to the main page and click start, and after that change the threads number to up to 250 threads (I don't recommend you to go higher).
Threads is the amount of bots that will simultaneously check for accounts. If you set 250 threads, then 250 accounts will be simultaneously checked. Threads require a lot of CPU performance and setting the number too high is not recommended.

4. All the information you need will appear under the Stats & Lists tab

5. Your hits will appear in a folder called hits (duh) in the Storm folder. Once you have your accounts, you're done!

When it comes to cracking accounts in which you need information of the account to check if it's useful (Like in LoL), you should download a checker. Look over Nulled for a checker that checks accounts for the site you got accounts from. For League, download the free League of Legends Account Checker that's somewhere in the LoL forums. This checker will show you the amount of champs, skins, last playdate, etc

To summarize
Cracking ain't as hard as you think if you follow this method. Thins gets difficult when you try to create your combolists by yourself, which requiere a lot of time to learn the whole SQLi process, which isn't really necessary if you just spend some bucks on a good combo

As I said, get some free combos and proxies to start learning how it goes and then start spending some money once you get the hang of it. I wish you the best of luck .
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